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Los Correos de la Mar

Martha Hezemans

Martha Hezemans nasce ad Haarlem, nei Paesi Bassi il 19 Ottobre 1967 e vive in  Gran Canaria con la sua famiglia dal 1971.

She took the typical optimist course when she was 11 years old, but didn´t sail again until she meet de Dutch two-masts sailboat Eendracht in 1985 and became member, apprentice and volunteer of the Dutch foundation ´Het Zeilend Zeeschip´.

The Eendracht is nowadays a three-masts sailboat and she receives them every year as agent as they sail within the Canary Islands and embarks with them as often as possible.

With the idea that every little helps, and that we can all contribute to help the others, she didn’t hesitate in joining the See Couriers offering her house as warehouse for the association.

After a few years working in the transport sector, selling container services, she has changed over to transport of solidarity. Same sector… another philosophy

She is waiting for you with open arms ... and lots of materials to transport!

We count on you!
See you soon!

Martha Hezemans – contact Las Palmas base

Tel. (+34) 928.35.34.69
Tel. móvil: (+34) 619 200 515

languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch




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