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Los Correos de la Mar


The Sea Couriers' Boot Sale

Sunday, December 4th 2011

Northern Parking lot - Marina of Las Palmas de G.C

(nautical spare parts and accessories and some other little things…)

10:00 - 18:00 h

24 March 2009... The s/y GOYAVE spent a few days in the marina in Las Palmas and Daniel helped us to prepare the parcels for Senegal THE Goyave set sail loaded with items from the "Sea Couriers" (CORREOS DE MAR) with an important mission: to make new contacts in the rural areas in Senegal.


THE GOYAVE arrived successfully despite having come across a storm just before arriving at Dakar. Daniel sent us a great deal of information and photographs of the last five months in Senegal.

Daniel was in DAKAR and SEYABOU NDOUR with Aissatou from ACRA . He delivered the first parcels from the "Sea Couriers" . (Correos de la Mar.)


The Goyave continued its journey around the region of SALOUM . We were sent a new contact in DJIFER . DJIFER is a small fishing village in this area where many yachts stop off when visiting the region . Daniel left some parcels with Karin Sene who is the leader of the fisher men in DJIFER . Karin Sene is responsible for handing out the items received from the "Sea Couriers" . (Correos de la Mar.)

In Sagako Medina which is 3KM from Toubacouta Daniel found several groups of women whose job is selling dried fish and river oysters . The 7 groups of women that are in Sangako-Medina are organized as a cooperative. They take turns 5 days a week to cook for the 300 pupils and the teachers of the primary school in Sangako. Daniel told us that this is how the children are assured of one square meal a day during the week. Daniel got in contact with Fatou Sarr, who is the president of these groups, in order that he become the contact responsible for handing out the material sent to the different groups by the "Sea Couriers" (Correos de la Mar.)


In the CASAMANCE region Daniel visited INSA and Cecile form ACRA in Ziguinchor. He
left them a fan and educational material for the school at COUBANAO

As he still had items from the Postal service(Correos de la Mar) to deliver he continued his journey in the CASAMANCE region and made new contacts for us . Daniel delivered the rest of the parcels to different associations in the villages in CACHOUANE and CARARBANE and NIOMUNE


Many thanks Daniel we will stay in touch with all of them

10th MARCH 2009...We received news of the biggest "Sea Couriers" (Correos de la Mar) vessel that we have loaded to date. The flying buzzard is a steam ship built in 1951 and converted by Julie Jessop and Mike Nelder(www.flyingfbuzzard.com
The flying Buzzard is on its way to Canada heavily loaded with humanitarian aid from several associations which they will deliver along the way. Of course we took advantage of the Flying buzzard mooring in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to load them up goods for Cape Verde.


Julia and Mike went to the Casa Crisanto Lopes at Mindelo where they delivered a computer, educational material and cooking utensils to the occupants of the house.


Carmen went with Mike and Julie by car to deliver more goods in Mindelo .The Flying Buzzard delivered the rest of the goods that we had handed over to them to other associations and they sent us new contacts from Cape Verde. El Instituto de Niños y Adolescentes de Cabo Verde (ICCA) in Mindelo ( the institute for children and teenagers of Cape Verde ) and the Associação Comunitária dos Moradores e Amigos de Berlim (ACOMAB) in Porto Novo, on the island of Santo Antao.

Many thanks to Julie and Mike, Jandir Oliveira From ICCA and Joana Delgado from ACOMAB . We have received written thanks for the aid that was delivered.

February 2009… One of the other yachts that set sail from Puerto Mogan (Mogan Marina), the Sea You, also sent us news . Emmanuelle and Christian sent us some photos of the cargo and the delivering of the parcels on behalf of the "Ocean Postal" (Correos de la Mar) service to Father Pietro in the parish of the Hermanos Capuchinos de San Nicolao in Cape Verde .


The SEAYOU is now in Brazil and it has delivered the rest of the parcels to the "Asociación Apoitcha en Lucena . Thanks Emmanuella and Christian , we have received an email from the Proyeto do Sol de Apoitcha thanking us for the aid sent.

19th January 2009... The family comprised of the members Fred Seb Malouen and Titouan set sail with a cargo of parcels on board the s/y YAPUKA


Alter visiting the Islands of La Gomera and El Hierro they delivered the goods from the "Sea Couriers" (Correos de la Mar) to Djigo at the sailing club in Dakar . Djigo will make sure these parcels get to our ACRA contact.

Many thanks to the family!

December 2008...We recieved news from Mogan, which is in the southwest of Gran Canaria, of another Ocean delivery service. They sent us some photos of deliveries, comments and new contacts on land which have been really valuable to the carrying out of sailing yacht Hélianthe's mission.

Some comments and photos of the Hélianthe boat and Nicole, Laurente and Nathan on board . A new postal delivery under a swiss flag:
"We have spent some time in Mindelo and we have been given a great contact: Centro juvenil Nho Djunga. This is a centre run by the ministry for children and education. They take care of children in trouble between the ages of 10 and 16 with or without parents. This may be sporadically or on a permanent basis - moreover they work in collaboration with other centres on the island that may take care of children with malnutrition. We met two charming ladies who told us of the association. They are in charge of handing out the goods as they are needed ..."

The Hélianthe also went to Tarrafal in the Parish of los Hermanos Capuchinos de San Nicolau

"We are sorry that we can't send photos of Mindelo because we forgot the camera on board that day. However we were able to deliver half the parcels to Garrafal de Sao Nicolau as agreed . Father Pietro was away so we were with Father Jose and Father Humberto"


After leaving Cape Verde Nicole, Laurent and Nathan went to Senegal and they tell us that they have made a new contact for the "Sea Couriers" (Correos de la Mar) in a small village called Cachouane (south east Casamance)
Mamadou Barro Sagna who is in charge of the APD Association in Cachouane ( Association for development) will distribute the items as they are needed .
"it's a small village where people live a simple life without electricity or material goods just like almost all the small villages in this area.."


Many thanks to Hélianthe, Nicole, Laurent and Nathan.

26th December 2008… Alain and Jacqueline Tougeron visted us in Las Palmas in the month of November. They set sail on course to Senegal on board Maitai. They have written to us today to tell us that they have delivered the parcels form the "Sea Couriers" (Correos de la Mar) to the ACRA association and they took the opportunity to wish us Happy Christmas
Seasons greetings to you as well and many thanks .


10th December 2008...Freya set sail for Cape Verde on board s/y OTAHI and we have been told that they arrived safely in Mindelo where they delivered children's clothes which they had taken on behalf of the "Sea Couriers" to La Casa Crisanto Lopes de la asociación ACCVE.


Video of the FREYA being loaded


December2008...A company in Las Palmas has given us a memorable donation: 12 complete computers! Now they are being fixed in order to send them as soon as possible to their destination by our "Ocean Postal Service."(Correos de la Mar)


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Martes 18 de noviembre 2008

Davide Freschi is the captain of the Gindungo, is a well known vessel belonging to the ANTARCTICA SAILING PROJECT. He is also the founder of the "Sea Couriers" association (CORREOS DE LA MAR). He told us the following: I can't help thinking back to 1995 when I was forced to stay in San Vicente. There I discovered a reality that was light years away from our way of life in the west. The resignation and dignity of the poor . The children who lived on the streets ,the children on the beach who would be daring enough to ask if they could work for you ..


I lived those days and weeks in an everyday reality that was made up of ghettos, shanty towns, of people and families . Living from day to day, day after day in order to survive. There were so many children , so many children on their own …

Año 2008: hoy a Cabo Verde llegan muchos barcos, hoy llegan muchos Correos de la Mar...


Sea couriers was born of a shared idea, this idea was the desire of many people to convert their journeys into an act of solidarity . People who, having set off on a long trip, hadn't simply wanted to be spectators of the realities that they were to encounter on the way. These could realities that were more or less attractive. A reality that was full to the brim of the richness of human nature but that was empty of economic means.

"" as we travel the trade winds of solidarity fill our sails"

The association's intention was to create a network of active couriers. These would be not only the yachts that would carry the goods free of charge, but a worldwide information network sending news on the areas that were most in need and the social projects to which we would send our aid, small though it would be. There are many people who wish to help but don't know how to. Sea Couriers gives them the means to do so.
The idea works and the sailors have taken it on board very positively. The participation of so many sailing yachts is proof of that.

Two years have gone by since the setting up of the Project and the sea couriers are still sending cargo. This cargo could be educational and orthopaedic material, clothes, computers or toys that has previously been collected and sorted and is then sent to schools and humanitarian associations in volunteer yachts on their way to Africa and South America . Friends, we are pleased to announce that sea couriers is growing.
The projects grow as do deliveries but what is more the interest We have created is growing up around us. This interest and the gratitude that we have received from our contacts at the destination points via the couriers that have made the deliveries gives us the energy we need to continue our work .
In order to continue our work and improve day by day we are looking for new volunteers with a will to set sail on this beautiful humane adventure
Today we are launching a call for help. We need support from those of you who could put at our disposal a small premises or warehouse in order that we may deal with incoming goods and organize logistical operations more efficiently


We remind you that everyone can participate and be a sea courier even though their route may not coincide with our projects. Those who pass though Gran Canaria can bring goods and leave them at the sea couriers base in Las Palmas so that they may be loaded up by the next sea couriers who are leaving the island

We are also look for the participation of transport companies who could help us to bring the goods collected from other parts of Spain to the base in Las Palmas.

In order to reach the goals of the sea couriers it is important to set up new bases with new volunteers and pass on information about our activities to other associations and all of those who can help us keep these projects on the move.

We are working on extending our routes, through this reducing the distances between communities and therefore helping them, in as far as we can, to become more self sufficient.

Davide Freschi


Ico López-Rienda, the secretary for sea couriers takes over

Its two years now since the sails were first hoisted in order that sea couriers could take a breath of hope to where ever it was needed . . We only had fvie boas then that we could count on all of who had to look for the right destination and contacts for future deliveries . Now two years on we have 35 boats that have sailed from the base in gran Canaria and we have seven contacts spread over three destinations : Senegal , Cape Verde and brazil


The procedure at the base in Gran Canaria consists of the following;
1. Pick up selection and checking of the state of materials, packaging and storing of these. At this time we are giving priority to educational material and educational games as well as children's shoes and clothing along with ict equipment, sewing machines and other utensils. Also orthopaedic and medical equipment .
2 Making contact with boats that are available,
As we don't have our own boats the association gets in contact with boats that are passing through the islands on their way to Africa or America. They find out about us through our webpage or by word of mouth and call us in order that we may count on a small valuable space aboard. These boats that sail with a cargo of hope are asked to extend their route and the channels for pick up and distribution if they think it's necessary.
A visual report on the web as a testimony to the arrival of the material at its destination .
We have many ideas but we still lack volunteers and the means to carry them out.
! A new warehouse . a place in the port that is covered where we could provisionally store the packages that are ready to loaded. We would be very grateful to Caritas , the red cross and the port authorities la Federacion de vela and other charitable associations or organizations .
We would like to contact with transport companies in order that we may bring donations from other countries

Tenemos muchas ideas, faltan voluntarios y los medios para llevarlos a cabo.
Para alcanzar nuestros objetivos necesitamos:
1. - Un nuevo almacén. Un sitio cubierto cerca del muelle dónde almacenar temporalmente nuestros paquetes listos para ser embarcados. Para ello agradeceríamos enormemente la colaboración de instituciones como Caritas, Cruz Roja, La unidad Portuaria, La federación de Vela, otras asociaciones relacionadas con la beneficencia u organizaciones filantrópicas.
2. - Contacto con empresas de trasporte para hacer venir las donaciones procedente de otros paises.
3. - Contacto con empresas e instituciones como escuelas y asociaciones culturales para la recogida de material didáctico mediante una estrategia de mayor alcance. Ya que hasta ahora se ha hecho a nivel doméstico y privado.
4. - Búsqueda de esponsores. Estos veran su marca de empresa en los veleros, ruedas de prensa o nuestra web.
Hasta el día de hoy la asociación sólo cuenta con el aporte financiero de sus socios, voluntarios y colaboradores.
5. - Contar con voluntarios para realizar la clasificación, control y trasporte de material y para visitar las asociaciones y empresas dispuestas a colaborar o sponsorizar la asociación. Hasta el día de hoy cuenta sólo con el aporte financiero de sus socios, voluntarios y colaboradores.
6. - Acudir a mercadillos con el objeto de vender el excedente de enseres que no se puede enviar, por su gran tamaño o peso, o por falta de utilidad en los paises de destino. Creando un fondo para la infraestructura de la asociación.
7.- Crear un equipo humano de profesionales que puntualmente puedan desplazarse para distintas misiones o campañas.
Por ejemplo, médicos, enfermeros, farmacéuticos, profesores, informáticos y todos aquellos que quieran ser voluntarios en esta aventura maravillosa.

Pero nuestra principal finalidad es poner en contacto a todas las asociaciones benéficas del mundo entero para crear una red global de ayuda humanitaria y desarrollo sostenible a través de nuestros correos y voluntarios.

 Ico López-Rienda








Tuesday 18th november 2008, 11:00 h.

At the Club de Vela Latina

(Muelle Deportivo - Las Palmas)





Hoisting your sails in solidarity

Our work the last two years and future projects



 Juan Santana Lorenzo - President. Fed. Vela Latina


Davide Freschi - Founder C.d.M.

Ico Lopez Rienda - Secretary C.d.M.



Martha Hezemans - President C.d.M.

Jose Carlos De Blasio - Vice-President C.d.M.

Jesus Ramirez -  Port Authority

Manuel Barroso - Port Authority

Jeremy Wyatt - A.R.C. organization

Francisca Bonny - Caritas Diocesana

Alberto van Bockel - Consul of Senegal

Alfonso Yufera - Consul of Brazil

Juan Cardenes - Consul of Cape Verde

 Jeff van Minsel - Consul of Belgium


All skipper are welcome!!!!



ATTENTION CREW mooring now in the marina


Do you want to empty your boat before leaving on the rally and help other people with those things you don't need anymore?

As we did last year on the occasion of the A.R.C. we have organized 3 collection days at "Muelle Deportivo" in the parking lot next to pontoon 13 on Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th from 15:00h. to 18:30h.; and on Friday 21th from 10:00h. to 13:00h.

We send material with volunteer sailing boats to schools and other associations in Senegal, Brazil and the Cape Vert Islands (Clothes, school material, toys, computers, ventilators, kitchenware, sewing machines, wheelchairs...)

We also collect any other material such us bicycles, tv sets, radios, sleeping bags, sails and nautical spare parts, or anything we could sell for a symbolic price to buy school material and help the association to continue its work.


Bring material from your country and leave it at our base in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We will foward it to the most needed on sailing boats leaving from the Marina.

Please don't forget to talk about us in those countries you visit on your way to help us and get to as much people as possible.

25 de Noviembre de 2008...Como habíamos anunciado, este año hemos vuelto a organizar unos días de recogida de material en el Muelle Deportivo de Las Palmas durante la estancia en la isla de los veleros de la ARC.

Gracias a que tuvimos a muchos voluntarios ayudándonos a repartir folletos por el Muelle Deportivo, la cosa funcionó bien y aprovechamos incluso para cargar varios veleros que zarparán dentro de unos días rumbo a Cabo Verde y Senegal.

Desde aquí les damos las gracias a Daniele, Paolo, Fabio, Seb, Malou, Titou, Malou y Alain


15 de Noviembre de 2008...

Los días previos a la rueda de prensa fueron días de mucho trabajo. Reuniones, ordenadores, café, telefonazos….


14 de Noviembre de 2008...Paulo zarpó desde Puerto Rico (Sur de Gran Canaria) en el s/y Lea hacia Cabo Verde cargado con algunos paquetes de Correos de la Mar. Como hizo escala en el Puerto de Los Cristianos en Tenerife y vio que aún tenía sitio en el Lea para más paquetes, nos llamó para que le enviásemos algo mas de material de los Correos a Tenerife.
En vez de mandarle material desde Gran Canaria, nos pusimos rápido en contacto con nuestros amigos de Tenerife Mauricio y Rita, para que ayudaran a Paulo a conseguir algo mas de material para llevar a la Parroquia de los Hermanos Capuchinos de San Nicolao. Y la cosa fue bien. Después de un bonito paseo en bicicleta, Paulo, Mauricio y Rita llenaron el s/y Lea con más ropa, material escolar y varias cajas de material de jardinería que amablemente donó Don Santiago de la Finca La Esperanza.


Muchas gracias Don Santiago.

El Lea llegó a Cabo Verde y Paulo hizo entrega del material de Correos de la Mar al Padre José, con quien fue a visitar la escuela infantil y los huertos que cultivan los Hermanos Capuchinos de San Nicolau en Tarrafal y en la reserva ecológica de Cachaço.


Paulo nos escribe ahora desde Cabedelo, en el estado de Paraiba en Brasil (nos alegramos de que esté de vuelta en casa aunque le echamos de menos) y nos manda los datos de una asociación con la que está en contacto. Se trata de Apoitcha, una asociación que ayuda a niños que sufren maltrato físico y personas que sufren abusos sexuales o son víctimas de violencia doméstica. Paulo nos dice que necesitan ropa, material escolar y pedagógico y que los juguetes también son bienvenidos.

Gracias Paulo, esperamos tener pronto algún velero que pase por Cabedelo.

Ahh ... Paulo tuvo una muy buena idea y nos manda una foto desde Brasil.

El s/y Lea con una inscripción de Correos de la Mar…. Que bien queda Paulo! Nos gusta tanto que estamos pensando en nombrar al LEA mascota oficial de Correos de la Mar por ser el primer velero que se tatúa nuestro nombre…….. y esperemos que no sea el último!

Muchos besos de tus amigos del Muelle Deportivo de Las Palmas

11 de Noviembre de 2008...Hoy nos llegan noticias de nuestros amigos del s/y La Belle Verte desde Cabo Verde.
Blandine y Stephane nos escriben desde Mindelo. Ellos también estuvieron en la Casa Crisanto Lopes de la asociación ACCVE. Blandine y Stef fueron recibidos por Billy, a quien entregaron los paquetes que llevaban de parte de Correos de la Mar.

Gracias Belle Verte y hasta pronto.

... noviembre 2008



Quieres vaciar tu velero antes de partir con la regata?

Al igual que el aňo pasado y coincidiendo con la presencia de los veleros del ARC, este aňo hemos vuelto a organizar tres dias de recogida de material en el Muelle Deportivo de Las Palmas: lunes 17 y miercoles 19 de Noviembre de 15:00 a 18:30 h. y viernes 21 de 10:00 a 13:00 en el aparcamiento al lado de pantalan 13.

Como ya sabes los Correos enviamos material a colegios y asociaciones en Senegal, Brasil y Cabo Verde (ropa, material escolar, juguetes, ordenadores, maquinas de coser, material ortopedico...)


Tambien recogemos otro material como bicicletas, radios, velas, material nautico, baterias, sacos de dormir... para mas tarde organizar un mercadillo solidario y poder comprar material escolar.

Si vuelves el aňo que viene, aprovecha y trae material desde tu casa y dejalo en nuestra base en Las Palmas de G.C. nosotros lo enviaremos a los mas necesitados en los veleros que parten del muelle deportivo.

Por favor, no olvides hablar de nosotros alla a donde vayas para ayudarnos a encontrar nuevos contactos. 

2 de octubre de 2008...S/y Dadey left Las Palmas loaded with a big loading for the children of the Parish of the Capuchin Brothers in San Nicolau, the cape verde Islands.

Dominique and Pierre Godefroy arrived aboard s/y Dadey to the cape verde Islands and write us from San Nicolau, where they met Father Pietro and Father Umberto:

" Bonjour Martha; Mission accomplie !
Nous sommes à San Nicolau et avons rencontré le Padre Pietro à TARRAFAL. Nous lui avons remis la totalité des objets que tu nous as remis et il me semble qu'il était très satisfait.
… Je pense que dans quelques jours (ou quelques semaines) nous partirons pour SAO VICENTE, pour préparer notre traversée de l'Atlantique. Bien que nous n'ayons plus rien à transporter, il me sera possible, si tu le souhaites, de prendre un contact verbal et physique avec Carmen PRESA, ta correspondante, pour être en quelque sorte ton ambassadeur. Le mieux serait bien entendu, que tu puisses venir toi-même, ce qui serait l'occasion de passer quelques instants ensembles.
Dominique et moi t'embrassons.

S/Y Dadey represented the Sea Couriers during its visit around the cape verde Islands and went with Father Umberto to visit Carmen Presa, our contact in the children's refuge Casa Crisanto Lopes of San Vicente. They did not bring any material from the Sea Couriers this time but went to greet Carmen and to talk about our common interests, strengthening the bonds of our relationship.
Dominique and Pierre are now aboard s/y Dadey heading to Australia to visit their daughter. From Las Palmas we thank them for their work as Sea Couriers and wish them fair winds.

October 15th 2008... Working days at the base of the Sea Couriers.We have had a lot of volunteers these last few weeks working at our base: Patricia has been counting puzzles.
Christine translated our website Ander supervisión of Talco.
Martha prepared some packages with the help of Kiddy.


Marisol, Aliadna, Mª Carmen and Isabel helped us to clean and pack toys.


September 25th 2008... Chantal Chamot from s/y Chamicha aa well as Jean Pierre and Lise Gillou from s/y Carte Blanche were in Dakar and delivered the clothes we gave them to ACRA.
Pictures loading s/y Carte Blanche with Jean Pierre and Lise at the Marina of Las Palmas.
Thank you Chamicha and thak you Carte Blanche.

June 16th 2008... Hanne and Werner from s/y Kia Ora write from Brazil and send us some news of their work as Sea Couriers.
S/Y Kia Ora was is the cape verde Island in March. I sent them to visit Father Pietro in Tarrafal, San Tiago, but Padre Pierto is in Tarrafal, San Nicolau… (big mistake). But every cloud has a silver lining and they solved the problem the best way possible. They contacted the Parish Santo Amaro in Tarrafal, San Tiago and Father Irineu was very happy to become a new contact for the Sea Couriers. Father Irineu received the packages from Hanne and Werner and he will distribute them between the needy people of San Tiago.
Sorry for the mistake but we are very happy to add Father Irineu to our contacts.


S/Y Kia Ora is in Salvador de Bahía now. There they met Ednaldo Sà, who is in charge of the little school Marechal Rondom and helps the needy families of the favelas in Salvador de Bahía. After the delivery they went together to drink a toast to the Sea Couriers.

As usual, Ednaldo sent us an e-mail to thank the Sea Couriers for their help. Ednaldo also told us that he has received another Sea Courier this week. A mysterious Sea Courier? One of our Sea Couriers that forgot to tell us he made the delivery in Salvador de Bahía? …we are not sure but we have an idea of who it may be….
From Las Palmas we thank Hanne, Werner and our mysterious Sea Courier

April 2008... Easter time again. The children invited to the Easter party already know that as last year, they have to bring school material for the schools the Sea Couriers help. They know we will send everything with sailing ships to children in Senegal, the cape verde Islands and Brazil and they all came with lots of school material and eggs to paint: Alejandro and Oscar, Juanfra and Silvia, Juan Carlos, Leo, Nacho and Pablo, Víctor and Jorge, Nachito, Aura … they all had a great time and were happy to be able to help other children


February 10th 2008...Manu, skypper on schooner Fetia Ura together with the youths of the French association La Deferlante have made two deliveries for the Sea Couriers in Senegal this year.
S/Y Fetia Ura has been twice to La Casamance this year ( in January and February) and delivered the clothes and school material we gave them in Ziguinchor to ASDB-DRDH (Association Action et Soutien du Développement a la Base et de Défense et Respect des Droits de l'Homme). Abdoul Aziz Mbaye, president of ASDB-DRDH, wrote us to thank the Sea Couriers and tell us he will distribute the collected staff between the needy people of Casamance.

Thank you Fetia Ura and thank you youths of La Deferlante. We will keep in touch with Aziz.


February 1st 2008...Christophe Vignal on s/y Chekspsire made a delivery in the Cape Vert Islands and writes from Brazil.They had motor problems in cape verde and could not reach Tarrafal to bring the printer and toys they had aboard to the Parish of the Capuchin Brothers in San Nicolau. Any how they managed to contact a nun order in Praia that took their shipment and promised to forward it to Father Pietro.

Thank you so much Chekspire, Father Pietro has already written us telling the packages arrived to Tarrafal. He is very pleased with the printer we sent and the children are very, very happy with the toys.

January 15th 2008...Danièle, Rémy and Candice Eckert,
our friends of s/y Vent de Folie, write again from Ziguinchor
After having visited ACRA in Dakar, they also went to visit the school Case des Touts Petits of Coubanao with ACRA Ziguinchor where they delivered the packages they had brought from France.
Vent de Folie tells us that ACRA's office in Ziguinchor is easy to find as it is in front of the Marina. Insa from ACRA went with them to the school of Coubanao which is at about 30 km from Ziguinchor.


Rémy and Danièle took some pictures with the school Case des Touts Petits de Coubanao.


They also sent us some pictures taken at the association KDES, where they also delivered some of the material. Our friends tell us those schools almost empty. They don't even have cupboards and most children do not have notebooks nor pencils but are all eager to learn. The children of Coubanao send us a big smile and thank the Sea Couriers for the little help we have sent..


From Las Palmas we promise to do all we can to send them the school material they need and also some toys to make them a little happier.
Thank you Eckert family. Hugs for you all from Las Palmas.

January 10th 2008...This week we have received more news from two Sea Couriers that have been to the cape verde Islands and to Senegal.

Françoise and Jo from s/y Dolly visited Carmen from the Children's Refuge Casa Crisanto Lopes - ACCVE in Saô Vicente and delivered the packages to her. They tell us they like the cape verde Islands very much and thar they are very happy to have been able to help the children of Mindelo.
Ute Weinig and Alain Fagueret left on s/y Freya heading for Senegal. They write now from Dakar where they delivered the goods of the Sea Couriers to our friends of ACRA (Asociación de Cooperación Rural en Africa y América Latina).

Thank you very much crew of s/y Dolly and Freya.

December 2007... S/Y Kundalini and s/y Gulliver spend some time in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria before heading for Senegal and helped us a lot at our base preparing clothes and school material for future Sea Couriers.


As well Aline and Philippe Comes from s/y Kundalini as Gery and Valérie from s/y Gulliver left the Marina of Las Palmas loaded with a lot of material and made their deliveries to ACRA in Dakar.


December 17th 2007... Solidarity Boot Sale at the Marina of Las Palmas.
The Port Authorities of Las Palmas granted the Sea Couriers permission to organize a little boot sale at the Marina
.We sold the material we had collected between ARC sailors and the collected funds will be used to buy school material to send with future Sea Couriers.
Many volunteers helped us at the Marina - Jacques, Fabi and Léo from s/y Targa II, Paulo from s/y Léa, Olivier from s/y Manwë and many more… Our dearest friend Flo from s/y Pickouic did even prepare something for us to eat.


Noviembre 2007 - ARC...Este año hicimos una colecta de material entre los veleros que participan en la ARC. Nuestra acción tuvo una buena acogida. Nos donaron mucho material y haremos un mercadillo benéfico con material náutico el mes que viene.


27 Noviembre 2007...Marie y Maïder salieron en septiembre en el s/y Azkenean hacia Cabo Verde y nos cuentan que han encontrado un nuevo contacto para los Correos en Mindelo: Asociación para la Cooperación con Cabo Verde (ACCVE) con la que empezamos una nueva relación.

Marie y Maïder hicieron entrega de los paquetes en la Casa Crisanto Lopes de ACCVE y nos mandan unas fotos.


6 Noviembre 07...El velero JOZ III de Michel y Marie Noëlle Jerva zarpó hacia Brasil en Septiembre y nos mandan noticias desde Salvador de Bahía, donde se entregaron algunos paquetes a Ednaldo
Michel y Marie Noëlle
nos escriben :
Bonjour Martha,

Après 3 semaines de traversée depuis le Cap Vert nous voici au Brésil dans la baie de Salvador.

Actuellement la marina du centre de Salvador est réservée aux bateaux de Rallye, aussi c'est dans le quartier de Ribeira à la Marina Pier Salvador que nous avons pu prendre contact avec Ednaldo Sà.
Il est venu le jour même, le mardi 23 octobre.
C'est un homme très sympathique, qui fait de la musique, du Reggae, et fabrique des instruments de percussion. Il a enregistré un CD et un DVD que nous lui avons acheté, il est venu avec sa fille, de 6 ou 7 ans, très mignonne, à qui j'ai fait visiter le bateau, ma maison, ... et qui m'a parlé anglais !
Il nous a proposé de nous emmener dans les favelas en face de la marina où il travaille dans une radio locale, et de nous faire visiter la vieille ville de Salvador, le Pelourinho.
Nous n'avons pas encore donné suite car nous avons eu beaucoup de menus travaux sur le bateau quand nous étions à la marina.

J'espère que tout va bien pour toi et que tu as rencontré de nouveaux navigateurs sympathiques.
Transmet notre bon souvenir à Javier.


Marie-Noëlle et Michel du bateau JOZ III"

Octubre 2007...El Bounty Bligh, con Carolina de Haro y Antonio Aguilera, sigue con su proyecto alrededor de mundo (Expedición Poas). Estuvieron en Las Palmas y crearon un nuevo apartado con el titulo Ayuda T en su página web < www.expedicionpoas.es > para incluir a Los Correos de la Mar en su viaje.

Carolina y Antonio nos mandan fotos desde Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde, donde entregaron comida junto con el material que traían de la Universidad de Almería y de Los Correos de la Mar.

El Bounty Bligh sigue con su viaje y seguirá hablando de nosotros allí
donde vayan.

Gracias Carolina y Antonio


24 de Octubre 2007...Dominique, Michel, Mathilde y Eymeric Jacquot del Locacita Thilda nos escriben desde ANGRA DOS REIS en Rio de Janeiro y nos mandan las fotos de su trabajo como Correos de la Mar


Dominique y Michel nos cuentan que después de un pequeño problema de motor, consiguieron llegar a Senegal. Pasaron un tiempo en Dakar y en Gambia y luego descendieron hasta Ziguinchor, donde hicieron entrega del material de los Correos de la Mar a nuestro contacto de la asociación ACRA.
Nos mandan unas fotos de la descarga del material y de su encuentro con uno de los responsables de ACRA en Senegal.


El Locacita Thilda siguió su camino hasta Brasil. Allí contactaron con Projeto Axé, una asociación que ayuda a niños y adolescentes de las zonas desfavorecidas de Salvador de Bahía. Projeto Axé recorre las calles de Salvador de Bahía con un autobús y van repartiendo comida y un poco de diversión y alegría a los niños de las calles de Salvador. Aquí tenemos unas fotos de su visita.


Gracias familia Jacquot, os informamos que Projeto Axé ya se puso en contacto con nosotros y nos dan las gracias por el material que les llevaron de parte de Correos de la Mar.

19 Octubre 2007...Para celebrar su 40 cumpleaños, Martha organizó una fiesta y pidió a sus amigos que le regalaran material escolar para Correos de la Mar. La fiesta duró hasta altas horas de la noche y los paquetes de libretas, bolígrafos, lápices de colores, reglas…. iban llegando…


3 de Octubre 2007...Ya nos llegan noticias del Vent de Folie.

El Vent de Folie partió hacia Senegal como Correo de la Mar y los Eckert estuvieron en Dakar con Aissatou, responsable de la asociación ACRA.
Rémy, Danièle y Candice se pusieron en contacto con sus amigos en Francia, pidiéndoles material para el proyecto de jardinería de ACRA.
Aissatou nos dice que los amigos de la familia Eckert ya han empezado mandar paquetes desde Francia. Gracias a todos!!

El Vent de Folie se reunió en Dakar con Aissatou y nos manda fotos e información sobre los diferentesproyectos y las necesidades de ACRA en Dakar y la Casamance.

En Dakar :
- Agrupación de Mujeres (incluye los cursos de micro-jardinería)
- Centro de informatica para jóvenes (cursos de informática y grafismo)
- Centro socioculturales (se pueden enviar CD y videos)

También necesitan:
- Ropa de adulto para las zonas rurales
- Medicamentos para los centros sanitarios

Para la Casamance (Ziginchor)
- Escuelas u guarderías (niños de 0 a 6 años) - ropa, juguetes y material escolar
- Clubs de jóvenes y asociaciones deportivas (ropa y material vario)
- Centros sanitarios
Y en este momento están poniendo en marcha un proyecto de teatro.

Muchas gracias familia Eckert!!

Rémy, Danièle y Candice nos escriben:

… Comme convenu nous avons enfin rencontré Aissatou, coordinatrice de l'ACRA. Elle nous a fait visiter un micro jardin, projet pour le groupement des femmes. Et nous avons fait le point avec elle de ce dont ils avaient besoin. Pour l'instant, nous avons mobilisé des amis français (et ça marche) pour envoyer du matériel…

… Nous avons été ravis de rencontrer les femmes de ce micro jardin et t'envoyons des photos de Aissatou (grande Dame célèbre ici pour être passée à la télé!!!) et te tenons au courant pour la suite.
Nous comptons aussi acheter des traitement du paludisme car on a appris que dans les hopitaux, ils ne le délivraient qu'à ceux qui
peuvent payer (6 euros en pharmacie!). Seuls ceux pris en charge par l'ACRA et emenés dans un district sanitaire ont la chance de s'en sortir. Les autres meurent parfois.
C'est vraiment insuportable.
On a donc aussi fait une demande auprès de nos amis et avons déjà récolté 60 euros (Super) en amènerons nous même en Casamance.
Mais si tu peux déjà sensibiliser les gens que tu rencontre au port afin qu'ils ne fassent autant, on ne sait jamais.

Bon je te laisse pour cette fois en espérant que tu vas bien.
Bisous de nous 3 et continues c'est génial ce que tu fais et ces gens ont vraiment besoin d'aide!!!

Je suis ravie que ça ait cet impact, tu t'en doutes.

Rémy, Danièle et Candice ECKERT


Septiembre 2007...Danièle, Rémy y Candice Eckert del s/y VENT DE FOLIE estuvieron en casa revisando ordenadores y haciendo paquetes antes de partir hacia Senegal.
Danièle y Remy mandaron un artículo sobre los Correos de la Mar a la
asociación de navegantes SAIL THE WORLD (STW) y nos pusieron en contacto con ellos. A STW le gustó nuestra iniciativa y añadieron un apartado de solidaridad en su página web con el artículo sobre los Correos de la Mar.
Danièle y Rémy nos presentaron a otros veleros que se han sumado ya a los Correos de la Mar.

Revisando los ordenadores en casa con Rémy y Danièle antes de mandarlos a Dakar. Se revisaron ordenadores, impresoras, faxes... y otros aparatos.

Danièle les hizo ropa a las muñecas que teníamos sin vestir para no
mandarlas "desnudas". Gracias Danièle!

El Vent de Folie está ahora cargado con ropa que traían de Francia , algo que le dimos nosotros y mas material que han ido recogiendo durante su viaje por la Islas Canarias y sale dentro de poco hacia Senegal para hacer la entrega en Dakar y en Ziguinchor.

Andrea Marini - agosto 2007

Carissimi amici, con questa lettera vogliamo comunicare a tutti coloro che in questi due anni hanno manifestato interesse e offerto il loro appoggio a “Correos del La Mar”, che la nostra attività sta continuando.

Sta continuando con i progetti e con le consegne di materiali, sta continuando a suscitare interesse da parte di molti naviganti e non.

Un Interesse che rinnova la nostra energia nel cercare di crescere ed essere sempre meglio organizzati.

Il prossimo obiettivo è quello di costituire un associazione anche in Italia da affiancare ai Correos spagnoli. Un passo che ci permetterà di muoverci meglio a livello organizzativo, un passo importante che ci permetterà di avviare cammini di partenariato e collaborazione con altre realtà a noi simili già esistenti in Italia.

Stiamo cercando a questo proposito volontari che vogliano prendere parte a questo primo passo di fondazione per poi continuare il proprio lavoro all’interno della nuova associazione.
Il programma dei lavori che attende la nuova associazione non appena sarà costituita si presenta già fitto di appuntamenti ed obbiettivi.
Anche questo anno torneremo a presentarci alla stampa al Teatro del Mare all'interno del Salone Internazionale della Nautica di Genova.

Altro impegno è quello di presentarci a tutti i circoli nautici di Italia per raccogliere sempre più adesioni da parte di naviganti.
Ci stiamo anche attivando per trovare una collaborazione con aziende di trasporti che ci possa garantire la movimentazione dei materiali raccolti sul territorio nazionale in modo da poter raggiungere facilmente i porti di imbarco.

Ovviamente la ricerca di materiali da inviare ai progetti resta in primo piano insieme all’obbiettivo di organizzare un magazzino dove poterle raccogliere.

Andrea Marini


Benissimo Andrea, speriamo che il nostro appello venga raccolto dal più alto numero di persone... Un caro saluto da tutti  Davide

Toby y Verena - May 2007

Toby Bechtel and Verena Stieger have been to Gambia, Senegal and Brazil as Sea Couriers and sent us their testimony and some pictures of the deliveries:





Dear Martha,
We hope you are well and have enjoyed the festivities in Gran Canaria!
We arrived safe and sound in Dakar, Senegal. Later we spent a week in the river Saloum and then proceeded to The Gambia. We motored and sailed far up the river and visited many villages. Most of them were quite poor communities but had some basic facilities.
When we came past the village of Kudang Tenda, we were taken aback by the poverty, the begging of the children to please take them along on our boat, the lack of facilities, no electricity. We decided to leave two of our bags with clothes destined for Africa at this place. We handed the bags over to the chief of the village who thanked us and in particular the people of "Correos de la Mar" warm-heartedly for the clothes. The children there really do need them, most were dressed in rags.
The chief mentioned to us that the village desperately needs a school. The nearest school is some 5km away, too far for the kids to walk in the heat of the day, therefore most of them don't go to school. We told him about "Correos de la Mar" and that you are a young organisation with very limited funds. If you know of an association which could assist in this project, the help would be very very appreciated.

Here are the details about the village:
- Kudang Tenda, River Gambia, South of Deer Island, 13 41.38N, 015 04,65W
- Name of the Chief: Mr. Abdullahmasaa. He cannot read, does not speak English, but some French.
- Mobile Phone: 771 18 44 (one of the 3 telephones of the village!)


Then we sailed to the river Casamance in Senegal and some days ago arrived in Ziguinchor. Generally, the people of Senegal appear to be better off than the Gambians. There are projects running in many places and there is much hope here for a better future. We assume that the different political situations are somehow responsible for this.

We contacted Cecile of ACRA Ziguinchor and she arranged a visit to the village where they have helped with the building of a pre-school for children 0 to 6 years old. Mariella and Ismail from ACRA drove us to the village named Coubanao, situated about 30km NE of Ziguinchor. There we were very officially welcomed by Mr. Arona Babacar Sane and his team of the K.D.E.S. (Kalounayes pour le Developpment Economique et Social) and he introduced us to the projects of the Association.
We then proceeded to the temporary pre-school and handed over a children backpack with clothes and a big bag with fluffy toys to the staff of the school, who thanked us very much for it. All the 127 children were giving us the hand to thank!
Then the officials took us to the new school building, which will be opened in only a few days! It is a well constructed new building and the community is rightly proud of it.
The K.D.E.S. is busy in many other sectors of the community. In 13 villages around water pipes are being laid out to the houses; almost half the population already has a water tap on his premises.
A computer center with ADLS internet is available to all, they have 9 computers and school children as well as adults are learning to use it.
Education is high up on the agenda. "We try to tell them that Europe is not paradise, that we can build our very own paradise right here", and I think they are slowly succeeding.
The European community lately allowed them a grant of ? 1 million to support their projects. The president can be reached via e-mail at: kdeskalounaye@yahoo.fr

The school project of ACRA is now finished and closed, but further help with clothes is certainly always welcome, either via ACRA or direct via KDES.

In our personal opinion, however, the people of Gambia need more help.
Unfortunately we have not managed to find a responsible association who could act as a link for you and receive goods from sailors.

In a few days we sail over the Atlantic to Salvador de Bahia to hand over the 4 remaining bags we have on board.



With separate mails we send you some pictures from Kudang Tenda in The Gambia and from Coubanao in Senegal. We send them from our Yahoo address because they are too large for our winlink e-mail system on board. If you want to contact us, please do not use the yahoo address, use our  ZD7SAN@winlink.org  address.
At the same time we also send you our "sailing tales" for the last two months, with pictures, so that you can see what we do all the time.

With kind regards from Africa,
Toby and Verena

May 2007...Martha, Christine and Flo

Some pictures from Las Palmas: Martha together with Christine and Flo from s/y Pickwick preparing packages for the next Sea Couriers.
...It was a very hot day and we gave the dolls and teddy bears a nice "foaming bath"... we also counted puzzles…
Big kiss for all volunteers


May 2007...Martha from Las Palmas

...s/y Locacita-Thilda left Las Palmas 3 months ago with Dominique, Michel, Mathilde and Eymeric on board. They had a lot of material on their ship to bring to Ziguinchor and Salvador de Bahía.
They just sent us an e-mail telling us they made the first delivery to ACRA in Ziguinchor on May 4th and will send us some pictures later from Brazil.

Fair winds for Locacita-Thilda and all other Sea Couriers!

April 2007...Martha from Las Palmas

Martha tells us she organizes every year an Easter party for her nephews Oscar and Alejandro and many other children… This year she asked them to bring school material for the Sea Couriers to help schools in Senegal, the Cape Verde Islands and Brazil.

Here you have some pictures of them.


February 4th 2007
Anton and Michou Jongejans from s/y Groyabada brought some packages to Zinguinchor. They tell us Senegal is a very nice country and that they delivered our packages to Cecile and Mariella from ACRA Zinguinchor.

Thank you so much Anton and Michou!

December 18th. 2006 - Martha (from Las Palmas)

"We have got two new volunteers at the Sea Couriers: Christine and Flo are in Las Palmas on s/y Pikwick and are helping us to contact other sailors and are working hard at our base in Las Palmas.
...I met Marlène and Guillaume Galichère on Saturday. They are on s/y Alea with their daughter Melissa and will sail to the Caribic. They gave us those clothes Melissa doesn't wear anymore because she is growing very quickly…"

Welcome and thank you all!

Vi racconto una storia...
di Simone Canova

In uno sperduto e molto rurale villaggio di un paese povero, emergente, in via di sviluppo, ma pur sempre povero, ci sono due agricoltori birifor (etnia locale) che piantano il loro mais nei pressi di un abbeveratoio a cui un allevatore peul, altra etnia locale, si serve per dare da bere alle sue mucche.
Discutono finche' i due birifor e il peul finiscono per scontrarsi e l'allevatore ferisce entrambi gli agricoltori, mandandone uno all'ospedale con un colpo di macete.
I due allevatori chiamano i loro amici e danno fuoco ai tetti in paglia di alcune case peul. Tra queste c'e' anche la casa di Issa (leggasi Issa'), che in tutta questa storia non c'entrava nulla, ma che ha dovuto spedire la moglie e il figlio appena nato dalla suocera, fino a data da destinarsi.
Ecco, se dovessi pensare a qualcuno a cui dedicare un particolare augurio per un buon 2007, questi sarebbe Issa, 35 anni forse, non sa in che anno e' nato precisamente, burkinabe' del villaggio di Loto, la persona piu' buona, umile, semplice e istintiva, che ho incontrato nella mia vita.
Quando la mattina mi sveglio Issa e' gia' in piedi, vestito, pronto. Mi saluta col suo francese imparato per sentito dire, mi domanda sempre se ho ben dormito e poi stringendo i pugni mi chiede se ho la forza.
Issa puo' fare tutto: bisogna riparare una ruota bucata della bicicletta? Issa conosce l'albero da cui rami si puo' estrarre una colla naturale e ha visto riparare una ruota. Issa lo sa fare. E se non lo sa fare, guarda e poi lo sa fare.
Issa conosce le piante da cui si possono estrarre corde, legni duri o morbidi. Sa dove trovarle, come tagliarle. Issa e' anche cacciatore e se non riesce a prendere nulla, sa da chi andare per fare un baratto.
Se hai bisogno di un aiuto e chiami Issa, lui arriva. Ma c'e' anche quando non ti serve nulla, lui aspetta vicino a te. Aiuta senza nulla chiedere in cambio, senza nulla pretendere.
Se lui ti chiede una cosa e tu gliela passi, Issa ti ringrazia, sempre. Se spostiamo, a mano, dei mattoni facendo una catena di passaggi, Issa ti ringrazia quasi a ogni mattone. Forse qui e' l'unico che ha capito quello che stiamo facendo, forse no, ma lui c'e' ogni mattina.
Quando gli abbiamo detto che lo avremmo pagato 21mila CFA al mese, piu' il vitto, circa il doppio di quello che abbiamo sentito dire che paga la "cooperazione", Issa ha risposto che potevamo dargli 20mila CFA al mese e tenere i 1000 per acquistare il cibo per tutti.
Issa e' cosi', e' la vera Africa, nera, onesta, sudata dal lavoro sulla propria terra. Quell'Africa che se oggi c'e' da mangiare, mangia, se non c'e' niente pazienza, domani, forse...
Issa non si fa la doccia dentro la doccia che abbiamo costruito, lui si lava fuori, dietro la doccia. Non si asciuga perche' non ha mai posseduto un asciugamano, ma tanto c'e' il vento e il sole.
Forse ha solo due vestiti, uno per lavorare, uno per dopo che si e' lavato. Dico forse perche' sono solo due settimane che gli vedo indossare gli stessi due abiti.
Issa non ha scarpe, solo un paio di ciabatte, lavora quasi tutto il giorno scalzo.
La sera e' fresco , in Burkina Faso e' inverno, ci saranno 25 gradi, Issa indossa un capello di lana.
Quando mangia Issa non butta via niente. Di un ananas non butta nemmeno la cima verde, perche' domani la piantera' e le dara' acqua. Della papaia recupera i semi neri, alcuni li pianta, altri li fa seccare perche' possono servire come medicina per il mal di pancia.
Una mattina e' arrivato succhiando uno stelo di legno. Aveva la tosse.
Avevo un po' di tosse anch'io e da quel giorno mi ha portato tutte le mattine lo stelo da ciucciare. Ora la tosse ci e' passata.
Non l'ho mai visto triste, forse a volte e' preoccupato, ma ti ringrazia, piega la schiena e continua.
La maggior parte dei giorni Issa e' semplicemente felice, fa ridere per come parla, per come si muove, per come imita di essere al telefono con Doriana in Italia, e ringrazia.
Ecco, se dovessi chiedere un 2007 migliore per qualcuno, questi sarebbe certamente Issa.
Scrivo da un villaggio rurale e sperduto del Burkina Faso, Issa e' seduto vicino a me e mi guarda battere i tasti. Non sa che sto parlando di lui ma mi sorride e ringrazia.
Oggi abbiamo sollevato e posato il tetto nuovo della sua casa.
Per dovere di cronaca segnalo che il peul che ha aggredito i due agricoltori si e' fatto una settimana di prigione.
Buon anno a tutti dal Burkina Faso.

Simone Canova

Martha from Las Palmas November 17th. 2006

...last Monday (november 6th) left another Sea Courrier from Las Palmas. Toby Bechtel and Verena Stieger left on their sailing boat SANGOMA carrying children clothes and toys to ACRA for the children of Coubanao (South Senega)l. Toby and verena are also carrying children clothes, toys, course material- pencils, notebooks… and theater clothing for the school Ednaldo Sà is organizing in Salvador de Bahía.

They will hand everything to our contacts ...they have also taken with them some leaflets of the Sea Courriers (English, French ans Spanish) to distribute during their trip. They will contact us and send us some pictures after the delivery.

Martha tells us something went wrong … but it won't happen anymore:

... Iside told me that the computer we sent to Dakar with Philippe didn't work … From now on we will check all the computers before taking them on board. (We have been promised two more computers soon)

We promise to check everything !!!

Our entrepôt is getting filled up again (clothes, baby carriages ,writing machines, toys... and I bought some course material (notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, colouring books )
...it's my Christmas present for CdM.

Thank you very much Martha. Huggs from everybody,



Evelyne and Hervé Broussard together with their friend Jean François Mouillac left Las Palmas last month on their sailing boat PAPA DJO. They delivered clothes and toys in Casamance and sent us some pictures.


 TOMMASO from Milan - November 16th. 2006

Dear Tommaso, thank you for your proposition. If you are available for Christmas you wil be able to sail with me in South America. See you soon.


"Salve a tutti voi Corrieri del Mare!
Mi chiamo Tommaso Concato e sono un ragazzo di 19 anni, di Milano. Mi ritengo un grande amante del mare e della vela, tanto che ho deciso di farne la mia professione: ora sto studiando Yacht and Powercraft design a Southampton.
Mentre stavo sfogliando Nautica di Settembre sono rimasto molto colpito dall'articolo su Antartica e sui Corrieri del Mare, la trovo una grande iniziativa. Complimenti! Mi piacerebbe davvero partecipare come volontario "in loco", insegnando materie utili ai ragazzi, che potranno aiutarli a crearsi un futuro. Come penso di potervi essere utile?

Parlo e scrivo senza problemi in inglese (l'anno scorso ero in Arkansas, US, a fare il mio ultimo anno di liceo e ora sto studiando in UK) Mi sento ferrato in Matematica, Fisica, Informatica (hardware e software, Windows e Mac)e, come già detto, Inglese.

Ho un pochino di esperienza di insegnamento (ho passato un mese e mezzo quest' estate ad insegnare vela a ragazzi dai 6 ai 14 anni all'idroscalo di Milano, con la Lega Navale) ed è da 13 anni che passo la maggior parte del mio tempo in una classe, con dei professori che cercano di passarmi alcune delle loro conoscenze... mi piacerebbe avere delle informazioni in più su di voi, quello che fate, cosa vuole dire davvero essere un volontario a Las Palmas o Salvador de Bahia e se è possibile fare già qualche cosa durante queste vacanze Natale. Grazie per la vostra attenzione!
Spero di ricevere presto vostre notizie. Un saluto

NADIA From Milan - NOVEMBER 8th. 2006

Davide: we continue to receive mails from a lot of people and this gives us the courage to continue with the work we began in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. With all of you the work of the SEA Courriers gets much easier… Nadia is already working with an association and we are glad to collaborate with them. Welcome Nadia and welcome "Children of the Desert"...

Nadia writes: "...
mi presento, sono Nadia, volontaria di Bambini nel Deserto, un'associazione tutta di volontari che si occupa di portare sostegno nei paesi dell'africa Sahariana e altre zone, con consegna materiale scolastico, sanitario, vestiario, e costruzione di scuole, pozzi, orti, infermerie....dal sito potete, se interessati, vedere tutti i progetti.


Comunque la cosa che mi ha spinto a contattare Davide è stato un articolo apparso su Nautica... che adoro. Mi è sembrata una splendida iniziativa per unire la passione per il mare ... e la voglia di aiutare certi popoli e certe terre.
Da parte mia c'è massima disponibilità in termini di partenza (con un certo preavviso) e di fornitura materiale... noi abbiamo una certa quantità di vestiario e materiale scolastico sempre a disposizione... per materiale sanitario facciamo raccolte ad hoc. Comunque è possibile accordarsi, noi di solito trasportiamo ogni volta che qualcuno scende, o in aereo, o in nave o in jeep... se ora attiviamo la collaborazione con voi, sarebbe fantastico aggiungere tra i nostri mezzi di trasporto anche le barche a vela!
E non mi dispiacerebbe fare parte di un equipaggio!
Io mi occupo anche dell'aspetto comunicazione ed eventi, quindi non sarebbe male organizzare una festa, una serata o altro per lanciare anche solo "verbalmente" questa bella collaborazione... qui a Milano ho già contattato un paio di scuole nautiche che organizzano viaggi in vela e affittano barche per vacanze... in attesa di vostre risposte, vi saluto!
ciao, Nadia

Nadia Toppino
Resp. Marketing e Comunicazione BnD Onlus
mobile 339-6657311



Many Sea Courriers are already on their way and others will leave soon.
So Nadia, tell us when you will be available (November and December) and we will get in touch with you asap.


PRESS RELEASE n°2 - October 11th 2006 at 15:00 h

... the representatives of the team of the Antarctica Sailing Project inform the visitors of the Salone Nautico di Genova, in the "Teatro del Mare", about the homonyme project of Antarctica Sailing Project and about the first sailing trip of the cutter Gindungo, that is actually headinf for Buenos Aires in the South of the Atlantic.

We talk about the creation of CORREOS DE LA MAR in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and about its international development.
Senegal, Capo Verde, Panama, Brazil and Costa Rica... are the first countries to have welcomed the Couriers...
Our volunteers at Gran Canaria are now working hard to recruit new Couriers availing themselves of the opportunity of the A.R.C regatta that will leave in November from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


This year, lots of sailing boats will

“hoist their sails in solidarity”


At its arrival at Buenos Aires, the cutter Gindungo will ondergo some maintenance work, and Davide Freschi, person responsible of A.S.P. and public relations of C.d.M. will start his work in Buenos Aires as a Sea Courier to try to organize a new base for this newborn association that started its humanitarian work in Las Palmas de G.C en February this year.

The solidarity of de Sea Couriers will go all the way to the seaway of South America

Riccardo from Milano - September 11th. 2006


Riccardo writes us from Milano.
I’m glad to see how many of you are becoming active and are informing yourselves about our project. We are gradually organizing ourselves to make it posible to everybody to participate in one way or the other.
... thank you all!

"Sono un medico infettivologo di Milano appassionato di vela (pur non possedendo una barca); qualora aveste intenzione di realizzare un progetto in ambito sanitario sarei felicissimo di poter collaborare in qualsiasi modo riteniate utile (cercando di raccogliere materiale, fornendo consulenze, impegnandomi sul campo).
Ho recentemente avuto la possibilità di partecipare ad un viaggio in vela alle isole Solomon, constatando che in alcuni villaggi remoti la barca a vela potrebbe realmente costituire il mezzo più idoneo a portare aiuti.
A presto, Riccardo"


Thank you Riccardo ... welcome to the Sea Couriers

Doreen and Mathias on board of VELA BIANCA

September 7th  2006


We received an e-mail from Vela Bianca, sailing around in the south of Senegal:

... Querida Marta, Querida Magali, Querido Davide, Querido Andrea, espero que vosotros estais bien! Finalmente he una conexión Internet! Aquí en el Sur del Senegal en la Casamance teléfono y internet es un problema. Hoy he marchado 10 kilometros a pie par arrivar a ... Cap Skirring y enviar este e-mail. Ahora es l'estación de la lluvia y las coches no pueden ir en la calle por Cap Skirring...




El contacto con Iside es muy bueno! Aquí la dirección compelta:

ACRA (Associazione di cooperazione ruale in Africa e America Latina)
Iside Baldini - Tel: + 221 4217908




Si otros correos de la mar arrivan a Senegal, la cosa mejor es de avisar por anticipado Iside y acordar todo. ACRA puede venir a Dakar o a Zinguinchor (Casamance) directamente al barco por llevar las cosas. Si los correos quieren, pueden ir en las pueblos con ACRA a ditribuir las cosas dentro projectos corrientes, como hemos hecho nosotros.

Hemos hablado con Iside y la gente de Koubanao y hemos resumido las cosas que la gente necesita aquí por hogares de la infancia y por escuelas elementares, superiores y especialisados:

- lapiz normal y a color; bolígrafos
- cuardernos
- tijeras
- goma de borrar
- pelotas (fútbol, basket, volley, rubgy)
- juguetes
- vestidos y zapatos por ninos y adultos
- CD-player
- polvo de leche
- computer
- máquinas de coser
- ventiladores

- batería de coc
ina (platos, vasos, cubiertos, pucheros, etcétera)




Very well gays. We got it.
For those Couriers who are sailing to the south of Senegal, our contact there is Iside Baldini.

TEL: + 221 4217908 - isideb@tiscali.it

We seek:

- Pencils, colored ones and ballpoints.
- note books.
- scissors.
- rubbers.
- balls( football, basket, volley and rugby).
- Toys.
- Clothes and shoes for children and adults.
- Radio-CD
- Powder milk.
- Computers.
- sewing machines.
- Fans.
- Kitchen accessories (dishes, glasses, pots and pans, cutlery, etc.)

See you soon Vela Bianca. Best Regards from everybody. We hope you had fair Winds… see you soon Doreen, see you soon Mathías! 

Graciela - August 21th. 2006


We met Graciela on a Sunday in the summer Boy Scouts camp of our sun. While talking about the Sea Couriers, Graciela showed her kindness offering us her help immediately.
Right now she is helping us with the Italian- Spanish translation of our web site.


"Soy Graciela, mama de dos scout de Olbia, ciudad de la Sardegna, Italia. Giovanni y Manuela mis hijos me llevaron a seguir un projecto scout.
Con tanta suerte que en el campo de verano, en el almuerzo encontrè dos personas estupendas, Eleonora y Davide ( la casualidad no existe). Yo parlo italiano y tambien español, en tonces despues de sentir a Davide explicar este "maxi projecto" los Correos de la Mar, queria formar parte de este "rompecabezas" donde cadauno es un pedacito para ayudar a los ninos desafortunados a creer en un mundo mejor.

Hoy es posible grazias a los Correos del Mar

Todos nosotros podemos metere un pedacito y hacer posible este suegno. Los suegnos son deseos, los deseos se realizan, basta empezar. Nosotros lo estamos haciendo."


Welcome Graciela!

Riccardo e Almudena - August 4th 2006

Ricki and Almudena, two Couriers who left Las Palmas heading Central America, did their first delivery in Puerto Lindo, Panama.
Afterwards they went to Costa Rica and began a new business. They talk about it in their web site:


Riccardo and Almudena announce that they are organizing a new base and are making new contacts for the Sea Couriers.




"... una base logistica per le barche che vengano dagli USA, e che portano aiuti per i paesi del Centro America. Quindi se hai contatti in USA fammelo sapere. Sto cercando contatti con associazioni umanitarie in Costa Rica..."


Thank Riccardo !

Martha Hezemans - July 28th. 2006


We are glad to communicate that other of our objectives is now a reality: Martha is one of the first volunteers of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and send an e-mail with pictures of the first storage base of Correos de la Mar.

A good example of constancy and engagement, an example for all of us ...




"Hola Davide, de momento te mando unas fotos del magazzino que montamos el fin de semana pasado.Ya te mandaré mas fotos..."


Thanks Martha, Magali and Ico, our volunteers of Las Palmas.

Alessandro Cecchini - June 16th. 2006


Alessandro, architecture student and sea enthusiast, offers his collaboration to Correos de la Mar.
From Rosignano he writes:

"Salve, dico solo una cosa, l'incontro con Davide è stato casuale, ma il suo spirito di avventura unito alla voglia di aiutare direttamente popoli e nazioni più povere mi ha contagiato, e sono sicuro che saranno sforzi concreti e non vani. Tutto ciò mi ha fatto riflettere e così nel mio piccolo sto cercando di raccogliere vestiti, giochi e tutto ciò che potrà servire"


Thanks Alessandro, Welcome!

Iside Baldini - June 14th 2006


Iside Baldini, our contact in Senegal, meets the Sea Couriers Doreen and Mathias in Koubanau where they did their first delivery. She sent us some pictures.

From Senegal Iside writes:


"Caro Davide, sono Iside, uno dei contatti di Andrea in Senegal. Ho conosciuto anche Doreen e Mathias che hanno portato sulla loro barca alcuni abiti e giochi destinati all'asilo nido e scuola materna del villaggio di Koubanao. Credo loro vi abbiano scritto un messaggio e mandato informazioni sulla operazione che abbiamo fatto insieme. Io ti mando, e mando anche a loro, alcune delle foto che ho fatto. Riguardano il momento della consegna dei materiali alla scuola e della presentazione della vostra iniziativa.
L'esperienza è stata molto bella per noi e per il villaggio che hanno accolto con molto calore l'iniziativa della vostra associazione. Tra un mese sarò in Casamance e siamo rimasti d'accordo con Doreen e Mathias che ci rivediamo a vado a trovarli sulla loro barca e continueremo a chiacchierare come abbiamo fatto già su come va il mondo e anche del senso che l'operazione che state facendo può prendere se entra in sinergia con altri sforzi che vanno nella stessa direzione..."




We hope that Mathias and Doreen share their experience with us and send some pictures of their run.

Thanks Iside and “in…alla balena” for the Vela Bianca!

Andrea Marini - July 1st. 2006


Correos de La Mar was born from a common idea, the determination of those whot want to turn their trips in a good opportunity or chance for carrying the solidarity with them during their cruises.
And we say “during their cruises” because Correos de la Mar is above all a sailors’ association (but no exclusively) who sail for pleasure, sport or working.
An association of people that have decided to do a long trip, and want to have the possibility of knowing all aspects of the visited places.
The possibility to get to know the different realities of the people you meet during a long trip: sometimes nice realities, but often not so beautiful. A reality with great human qualities and many people working hard to survive. A reality with a great lack of means and little general education, that arouses in all of us the desire of wanting to face this lack of means.

“Sail at full solidarity sails”
“There are no unreachable dreams”.
”Nobody is as poor as not to be able to help others”

These three sentences lead our project and resume the aims of our association.
The association wants to create a net of “active” Couriers, not only to transport humanitarian aid with their sailing boats (or any means of transport), but mostly and first of all to create an information network. An information network of needy people, social projects and situations to which we’ll send our sails of solidarity...
An information network that will enable our little help to arrive directly too the needy, and that will have no transport costs .
Correos de La Mar was born from the determination of a lot of people that want and is able to help but don’t know how.
We want to offer the means necessary to activate this sea energy.
An idea that grows stronger thanks to the approval received during this short period of time, and thanks to the subscriptions of many of you. That’s a good sign that proves that the idea works.

Andrea Marini (founding member)

Davide Freschi - May 31st. 2006


Dear Friends, we are finally on the net.

During six month we have talked about us in Italy ,Spain, Germany, Africa…. giving always our website in Internet as a reference; many of you have surely tried to enter without success…. now it’s ready.
You can read and see all the things we have been doing and what those we want to achieve… with your help. Write us and tell us about your idea, your project...
The Sea Couriers are all volunteers and are united by the desire of helping those lees fortunate.
We all give a little of our time to the association. We have a lot of things to do and several projects running.
In November leaves the ARC regatta from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Canary Island. This could be a good chance for the people to know about us.
You can help us carrying clothing, shoes, medicines, primary foods like rice, pasta….from your departure place to the final destination of your boat... or any means of transport.
If you can’t carry those materials directly to the places where we are developing our projects, you can leave it at the operational headquarters that the Sea Couriers have at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Andother Courier will transport it from there.
It is important for us to create new bases. We are looking for volunteers that could help us with this objective.
Communication and information are fundamental for the development of the Sea Couriers. Correos de la Mar has already become a reality. An association with volunteers working in Cabo Verde, Senegal, Gambia, Panama, Salvador de Bahía -Brazil and Costa Rica.
Our main objective is to create an information network in order to make local contacts, attract volunteers, promote new projects and collaborate with other associations.
I hope from the bottom of my hart that our message arrives to all of you.
Helps us to create this network, send us information, pictures and testimonies.

Joint the “Sea Couriers”

See you soon


Davide Freschi (founding member)




I want to help




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