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Los Correos de la Mar

The Post of the Sea 
In February 2006 the sails of the post of the Sea were raised to bring a breath of hope where necessary. 
Then we had only five boats had to find the ideal destination and create contacts for future shipments. 

Today, after five years, over one hundred boats that have come out of Gran Canaria have made over a hundred submissions a supportive trade winds. 

Our procedure: 

1 .- Collection, selection and verification of the status of the material. Packaging and storage. 

2 .- Contact with the ships available at the time of the year. 

3 .- Reportage to testify at the association's Web, departure and arrival of material. 

Our projects: 
1 .- New store. 

2 .- Contact with companies and institutions such as schools and cultural associations for the collection of materials. 

3 .- Search for sponsors

4 .- Finding volunteers for sorting, control and transportation of material, visit associations and companies willing to help or sponsor the association. 

5 .- Organization of Markets with the surplus of donations that are not useful to send. This fluid can face only a minimum, the infrastructure of the association. 

6 .- Create a team of professionals who can navigate and collaborate. For example, nurses, opticians, pharmacists, agronomists, teachers, computer, theater, ..., anyone who can I can do or teach something useful. 

One of the objectives of the partnership is to create a worldwide network of aid and sustainable development through our emails and volunteers, by bringing together all the associations and organizations cooperating worldwide in humanitarian aid.



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